Monday, January 26, 2009

An Experiment is Taking Place

here at the isa home.
while taking my morning bath, i realized that i am craving peace and quiet. my once quiet baby has now found his voice and loves it. he is by far my loudest child. as i thought about this, i realized it's because our home is SO loud. with 6 people in our home (plus the constant stream of friends and family coming in and out...which i LOVE) our house is loud and chaotic. i don't normally mind this but when we can't even sit through church, i know i must take action. so...
i decided to do an experiment.
i posted a sign on my front door that reads...
experiment in progress.
please enter with a quiet voice.
the older kids thought i was losing it, the little princess thought the sign on the door was really cool and bob the builder thought i found the idea on one of the many blogs i read.
nope this one is my own.
i'm guessing that this experiment will have several results.
1. the baby might (hopefully) become quieter.
2. that the kids will speak kinder to one another.
3. the little princess might not feel like she has to fight to be heard
and, most importantly,
4. the kids will see how there actions and attitudes affect others and how they can make a difference (lessons are so important).
one more thing and i'll let you get on with your night or day...
as i was making dinner, bub and the little princess got into a little "play fight" and a scream could be heard from across the house. i calmly and quietly came into the bedroom and with a quiet but firm voice said, "you WILL be quiet." as i turned to leave the room,
bub said, " really are serious about this quiet stuff, aren't you."
anyways, that's my experiment, i'll let you know how it turns out.


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Interesting experiment. I think being that I am an only child I crave quietness from time to time. I hope it works for you. Love your scores on the garland. cherry

Suz said...

you are too funny. How could I make my house quiet and ideas to make 12 2 your olds quiet? Suz

kouklaville said...

I think it is a FABULOUS idea and also teaches something else..self control! You are helping your children learn to keep THEMSELVES quiet which will spill over into all other places.. ie (church, the mall a restraunt ,school) I am sure you will get a big thank you note from one or more teachers for THAT:)

Katherine said...

This is great! I can't wait to hear how it turns out. I'm someone who definitely needs peace and quiet too---to be sane at least. I love your home.