Friday, January 23, 2009

Be Merry

is the name of this paper kit that i found here.
i recently ran across this post that had the best advent idea.
the little princess LOVES paper crafts (crafts of any kind really)
and this was a great way to get her involved.

so i've been collecting different christmas paper so that this year we, too, can have our own advent tags. it's a really neat idea go check it out.
oh...i almost forgot...jen from tatertots and jello ( if you didn't get a chance to check out her blog yet, head on over) asked me what projects i am currently working on. well jen, to be honest other than collecting paper for the advent tags, i'm leaving the paper crafts to my talented sister and focusing on getting my quilts done. i have promised myself that i would not start one more new project without getting an old one done first. so far, so good.


Marie said...

What an adorable paper set. I love scrapbooking papers. I use them to mount my hand painted card drawings on. I must look for these!

Mindi said...

Why are you so talented, sweet, and perfect? I wish I could get my blog out of the gutter and "class" it up a little, like YOURS!

Katherine said...

Ditto to what Mindi just said:)