Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Must Take a Moment

before i go to bed to share this with you. jen from tatertots and jello (love that title) had this on her blog. you must go visit her. she has SO MUCH to share and you will not be sorry. i found her when we did the home tour but never had the chance to really look through her posts. so tonight, as bob snoozes away, i took some time to look through all her wonderful posts. there were SO many great ideas, i didn't know what to show you.
i did LOVE this note. i think i may just make a few and keep them in my car. hehe.
jen, if you read this...thanks for ALL the time you put into your posts!
very creative, very informative, and VERY well done!
(if i knew how to give you a "button" i would.)


Marie said...

I love Jen too!! She's such a sweet girl as well. A true diamond!

Suzanne said...

Julie, thanks for pointong me in a new direction. I enjoyed Jen's blog. Love the shoes!