Wednesday, January 07, 2009

How could this little guy

be the cause for so many tears???

i'll tell you the story...

yesterday, the little princess made this in class and was SO pleased that she thought of the glasses (grandma wears glasses). she was so pleased that she shared it with a friend who replied, "i don't like the eyes." one will never understand how hurt the little princess was. she told me that she "wanted to cry but didn't want her tears to come out at school so she waited until she got home to let her tears out". it was a problem that not even my kind, loving words could fix.

but the best teacher ever fixed the problem without even knowing it today!

i love her!!!

today when the little princess got in the car she was so happy because while they were drawing today's snowmen, the best teacher ever said, "if you want to put glasses on your snowman that would be really cute." this made the little princess SO happy. i'm not sure that the teacher knew of yesterday's heartache, i don't think she would. but in God's wonderful way he used her to put a smile on my little princess's face.

Thank you God and Thank you Mrs. Fuqua!!!


jenjen said...

Oh what a sweet story. It is so hard to see your children upset, don't you think? It's so nice that she has a nice teacher.

Have a great night!


Thimbleanna said...

Awww, that made me all teary-eyed. When my oldest was in K or 1st grade, the principal told a story at the parent meeting. She said children collected their school experiences in a bag each day. All the good experiences were like feathers and the bad ones were like rocks. So guess which ones you hear about at the end of the day? They could have 5 hours and 58 minutes of wonderful fun and only 2 minutes of a not nice comment or something, and that rock is the only thing they'll remember. And boy, was that ever true for us!

It sounds like you have a wonderful teacher on your hands -- no wonder you made her that awesome quilt (which btw, has those adorable scallops on it (in case you hadn't noticed LOL!)!)

Katherine said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you wrote about this. I got all tingly reading it.:) Mrs. Fuqua is the best!!

Sharon Fuqua said...

Oh wow! This was so touching! Thanks for sharing. I love these stories! I love these kids!!! Sharon