Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What 'Cha Doin' Wednesday

i thought i'd start somethin' new now that the month long posts of snowmen are coming to an end (thank goodness). i often wonder what you guys are doing during the day. i know that we are busy women and somehow find time to do the things we love. i for one, appreciate each and everyone of the bloggers that inspire me and put a smile on my face. so in an effort to let you know what i'm doin' i'd thought i'd start what 'cha doin' wednesday.

so here's my day
(minus kids, school, laundry, etc.)

i finally got this quilt quilted and ready to deliver to norma jean. she made this for her new grandbaby, brighton rose. i loved the quilt for 3 reasons.

1. i LOVE aunt grace fabric.

2. it was fun to quilt and

3. i loved the pattern.

i worked a little on putting together these blocks for my ongoing class.

i finished turning under the applique pieces for bunny hills bom. somehow i got roped into teaching this as a bom at the quilt shop.

i'm still trying to empty this box of valentine's decorations.

when's valentines day???

i'm still working on my experiment. it's going well.

and, in an effort to keep it real,

i am working on picking up this mess in my sewing room.

the after math of christmas, the little princess and her creations and a destructive baby boy.

hope your day was wonderful!
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Katherine said...

Love this idea. That quilt is AMAZING!! I love love the Aunt Grace fabrics too. I keep wanting to do something with them. Lucky little Brighton.
I don't think my Wednesdays would entail such beautiful things like yours. Even your "mess" was beautiful. :)

LAQuilts said...

Julie... you are amazing!! This blog is so beautiful! Love, love, LOVE the picture of the hands!!! Now that I know where you are I could become addicted to the blog thing...Thanks for sharing the music... I turned off the tv in my sewing room and turned on your music!!! What a difference! Thank you!

Thimbleanna said...

Heh, the sewing room! You've had a busy day. Your Bunny Hill block is going to be ADORABLE!

gale said...

Dear Julie,

I'm a currently in Loisann's Tuesday night group (formerly a Dana Wednesday-nighter). Michelle sent out a link to your site in her last Fat Quarters e-mailer and I am quite pleased that I have another quilting site to frequent.

I also frequent Anna Maria Horner's blog. She has a large active family like you and is very courageous with color. I also look at Kuperblog, a San Francisco photographer's website (I like photography as well). And, speaking of photography, Shutter Sisters does some interesting sharings as well.

Your blog is clever, funny, and insightful.

I do appreciate it.


Simply This and That said...

Quilt is amazing as is the quilting. And I'm loving Anne's BOM block that you are doing. It looks terrific!