Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring was the Theme

for today's quilt class...

and nothin' says spring like daisies

and daffodils!

(thanks for the idea, thimbleanna!)

i think daffodils are my new favorite flower...

another favorite thing of mine is my block of the month class, i really am enjoying it!!! i love being with friends and finding fun things like daffodils to let them know i appreciate them. speaking of appreciation...did you celebrate husband appreciation day???

(bob, if you read this...)

you are the BEST!


(as i'm writing this post, you are tucking the little princess in bed and singing the itsy, bitsy spider, so sweet)

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Katherine said...

That is so sweet. Everything you touch turns to gold. So pretty...:)

Craig said...

He sings that to me as well when we go riding out in the desert. I think I feel a tear coming. Seriously, he is an awesome Dad! :)

Thimbleanna said...

Just perfect! Bright, and yellow and spring-y!!! Those cupcakes look AWESOME!!!

mom said...

So I think the Friday night class may be taking a back seat to your Block of the month class. Very Cute, and I'm enjoying the Daffodils, Poppie wants to know where his cupcake is.
Bob you are a great Dad.
Love Mom

Rachel said...

I think I need to find your quilt classes! Those want those.

Aunt Suz said...

Julie you are so inspiring. I wish I had a reason to make those cute cupcakes for people.

jenjen said...

Oh no - I didn't even know there was a husband appreciation day! Maybe Jeff will never find out.

Your cupcakes are so cute! They look yummy!


Miller Racing Family said...

WOW, girl if I am every in your next of the woods I am so dropping by to meet you and coming to a quilting class. Love the cupcakes. Daisy and tulips are my favorite flowers.
We did the husband appreciation day. As I said before it was on Donnie's birthday, so we celebrate husbands earlier in the week.
Hope you had a great weekend!

Sara F. said...

Those cupcakes are precious!