Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Punkin!!!

your SIX!!!

(one years old-daddy painted your face around halloween time)
(two years old - a typical stay-at-home summer outfit.
this was the year of swimsuits and everything princess!)
(three years old - such a fashionista! if you can believe it, this was you ready to go shopping with me.
yes, i let you out of the house like this)

(four years old - you still love glitter and sparkle, but you are having a better time at putting your outfits together.)

(five years old - your fairy party was the perfect party for you. you loved to dress up in your sister's old dance costumes, put makeup on and dance!)

and at the age of six, you are still as girly and fashionable as EVER! you dress yourself 90% of the time and i love your individuality. you are a fantastic artist with a wonderful imagination! you love your baby brother and argue with bub constantly! you are strong minded and determined. you are sensitive and kind, loving and thoughtful. you love to bake, cook and make up your own recipes. you are content to sit in my sewing room with me and create. your favorite colors are aqua and pink. you learned to ride a quad and a motorcycle this year and can't wait to go camping! you aren't looking forward to sissy going off to college, but you are looking forward to having your own room and you are so excited that mommy is having a baby. you are a joy and a blessing! i pray that you will always be strong in spirit and true to the person the Lord intended you to be.

we love you and enjoy watching you grow, even though it's going by WAY to fast!!!
love mommy!
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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh my what a beauty she is. And YES it goes WAY too fast! Happy Birthday.

Katherine said...

It does go way to fast. She couldn't be any cuter. She is so cute--with the most adorable personality.

Thimbleanna said...

WHAAAATTTTT???? Did I read that mommy is having a baby??? (Sorry Punkin, Happy Birthday and all, but this is exciting news!!!) I'm catching up on posts in backwards order and I've obviously missed something!!! Congratulations!!!!