Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Birthday Dessert

was unexpected also.
when i asked the birthday girl what she wanted for her birthday dinner she asked for leanna's strawberry spinach salad.
i was surprised!
then when she said she wanted the strawberry trifle and the fruit pizza we had seen in the family fun magazine
i was even more surprised.
i ended up using sharyn's recipe for the fruit pizza
and it was a hit!

i even got to set the table with the fancy nancy plates and cups that didn't get used...

her biggest thrill was her present. she was sure that she knew what it was and couldn't wait to open it!

can you see her cute face in the background?
pure delight!!!

it was a great birthday! now we are off to sew!!!

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Katherine said...

If she ends up having even half of the talent that you have(which I'm sure she does)---she's going to be very successful. What a cute machine.

Annelies Dease said...

Ok...this is just to adorable and I have to say I have been looking for one of those machines too!!! Did you find it online, or locally???? One of my young ( 20ish) students had one and Meghan fell in LOVE (G)!!! Can you share your source????
Congrats to the birthday girl and her wonderful Mom!!! XXX Annie

jenjen said...

What a beautiful dessert! So pretty! And her present is so great. She will have so much fun with that!


kouklaville said...

oh I love it and cant wait to see her sitting at Yayas table some day! It warms my heart that such a special little girl gets to give it a second life! happy bday special Fancy Mancy!