Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Day the Power Went Out!

as many of you know, last week much of california lost it's power.

many were not happy about this.
it caused HUGE traffic problems
(this is the street turned parking lot in front of our house)

the paramedics and police were quite busy

but amongst all the chaos, we enjoyed the evening

we gathered all the candles and lanterns, tuned our battery operated radio into our local country station

gavin made top ramen on the bbq with my cast iron skillet,
while masyn put out candles, wore her apron and sang folk songs with nolan.

the kids took a bath by candle light and we had a wonderful evening.
so much so, that when they woke up the next morning and realized the electricity was on, they were sad.

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LibbiesHome said...

I love lemons into lemonade stories!! Thanks for sharing. :) My favorite is that kids were disappointed when the power was back on - kids just know how to do it right, don't they?