Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Midnight Madness

i'm having such a grea time teaching the midnight madness class!

this months class was on jan patek's pumpkin blossom quilt from the twixt garden gate book.

i made yummy trail mix for each table.

i use {one package of the following}

mini oreos, roasted peanuts, candy corn, m&m's, and goldfish

the log cabins are quilt labels

the jar below caused a lot of laughter {at me} you had to be there!

neta brought this stinkin cute pin cushion! she always has the cutest stuff!!! soo jealous!

and i loved her take on the "fall" quilt. she did hers in pinky oranges! LOVED it!

and patti. she always thinks outside the box and turns everything into gold!

mardy is speedy and i'm dieing to share her house with you! MARDY...hint, hint!

here's patti portraying "wilson". no not chelsie's dog. tim's neighbor! the blue almost as much as i love her!

denise was new to our group and sew much fun!!! even if she did tease me A LOT!

we had a great time and i love spending time with these ladies!!!

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Country Prims said...

Great inspiration Julie! love what you made for the tables and love the projects! wish I lived close:)