Monday, August 25, 2008

The First Day of School...

couldn't have gone better. the alarm went off at 6:30 and about 7:05 i reluctantly rolled out of bed. bub had already showered and was watching tv. (btw, he was watching max & ruby)the little princess woke shortly after i did, and shortly after that queenie rose from her beauty sleep. i made cinnamon rolls and a really cute take on the egg and toast idea. the little princess was happy to see a heart shaped egg in the middle of her toast. at 8:15 we got in the car and took bub to school (7th grade!). we came home and put the hannah montana backpack together. sissy left for her second year in college (2 down, 1 left). the all important lunch came next. the little princess really wants to stay and have lunch at school so we put a lunch together. at her request, we packed grapes, watermelon, goldfish and apple juice. why no sandwich you ask, because i was told "that's for a different day". i took out my trusted cookie cutters and made heart and flower shaped watermelon and boy was that a hit. i was told that i was a sweet mommy and that i'm a good cooker. what a compliment!!! i love that the simple things make her happiest. 9:10 came quick and we headed out the door. dressed in her pick and the backpack securely placed we got in the car. she reminded me that we hadn't had our prayer so we took a moment for the Lord. when i was finished with the prayer i turned to look at her and she was wiping her eyes. she said, "that made me cry". i smiled and said "me too". we shared a moment that i won't forget and soon i was walking with her into kindergarten. blessed with the knowledge that a heavenly father loves her and the strength she was given at birth, i know that she'll be great, monkey bars and all.

the little princess

mrs. fuqua, "the prettiest teacher"

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Katherine said...

That whole thing KILLS me. I feel like crying too. I'm so glad it all went so well. I love that Max and Ruby was being watched---my older one will still watch that too.:)