Monday, August 18, 2008

Do you remember when

your mom would take you school shopping? i do...we'd usually go to the mall. i liked going to the sale rack because i knew i could get more (the brand names didn't mean so much to me). back then we had to put our clothes on lay-away and when we finally got them, i'd have to wait til school started to wear anything. what a bummer. the little princess starts kindergarten next week. i can't believe it! i'm glad i have another daughter to start the "back to school shopping" with. bub never really cared to much about it. i did buy most of her clothes online but i decided to take her to tilly's to get a dress for the "get-to-know-you tea" and what ever she wanted for the first day of school. here's what she picked.

and of course we found a couple other items that we couldn't pass up. this one was too perfect.

after shopping we got a slurpee. i even let her have the red one, which is a treat because any red drink makes her crazy. i would've like to have taken her to lunch but she wasn't hungry and the baby was. when we got home, she put on a fashion show and was a very happy little girl.

happy shopping!


Katherine said...

So cute! I LOVE school shopping--clothes, pencils, backpacks, etc. I like it more than my kids do. She will look so cute for the "tea" and all of the other days of school. Her teacher is going to love her.

Anonymous said...

Masyn you are going to be the cuttest girl. We love you very much and are very excited to hear all about your first day of school.