Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 Days & Counting

i am almost done with dr brody's quilt.
tomorrow i'll put the borders on and quilt it...
hopefully the baby will stick with the plan so i can get the binding on.

speaking of the baby...not much is happening. her movements are slowing down a lot and i still have contractions, but nothing that suggests labors a comin'. which is fine, because like i said i need to get the binding on the quilt along with a few more things that are on my list. have i mentioned that i am scared to death this time...

i'm not sure why, it's not like it's my's my fifth for cryin' out loud.
i'm trying to talk myself into having an epidural, but that in itself scares me. i don't know waht my problem is, bob thinks i'm crazy. i think i'm just getting too old to handle the pain like i used to. i guess we'll see. there's no turning back now...

well enough rambling, hope you all had a great weekend.
big hugs and lots of love to sissy who's not having a great day. i wish i was there to give you a huge hug and tell you that all will be ok.
{love you puter!}


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Pokey said...

I'm praying for you, Julie.
Been reading your blog talks the past few posts, but this time, well, God impressed upon me to tell you you're being thought of. I'm praying for peace of mind for you, and that
all will be well. Lord bless your last few days of waiting for your precious little love!

Marie said...

I will also keep you in my prayers Julie. I, too, had five children, with a seven year gap between the last two. I always was a bit frightened in the days close to my due date. I think it's because, unlike the first time around, you know what to expect and you know all the things that can go wrong, and you know exactly how much it is going to hurt. But then again, you also know how wonderful it is to hold that dear sweet little soul in your arms, and how very quickly we forget about the pain. All will be well sweet friend. I can't wait to see your little precious bundle of joy . . . and the finished quilt!!

Kathie said...

Thinking of you and hope everything is just fine in the next few days you will be holding a miracle...
a bundle of joy
ps still hoping the binding is done on the quilt and ready to give before the baby comes though!

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, that quilt is looking good -- can't wait to see it! I laughed at your "no turning back now" comment. When I was newly pg with our second, we had just moved and when I went to the Dr. he gave my my options for pain management (which were basically demerol as epidurals weren't available here at the time -- sheesh, you'd've thought it was the stoneages) and I remember going home and telling hubby that the baby could stay up in there forever as far as I was concerned -- I was NOT having one without an epidural! Good Luck with your baby Julie -- she's almost here!!!

Wendy K said...

Hello Julie,
I've been 'lurking' you for nearley a year now and never felt brave enough to leave a comment, but I took the bit between my teeth and here I am! I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking abvout you. I've had 4 babies, all induced and all with epidurals and never had any problems with them (even though I'm the biggest scardey cat going...hehehe!). In fact I'm not sure I'd know how to give birth 'naturally'! I wish you lots of love as you prepare for your new bundle of joy. Heavenly Father will be with you and all will be as it's meant to be. Enjoy your last few days.
With love Wendy x

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Hey Julie, you are doing an awesome job with the quilt. I believe once you are in labor, nature will take charge and the fear will go away. Prayers that it goes easy and little one arrives healthy and strong.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh Julie. That baby thing. I so can remember feeling the same way. It is a good time though. Cherrish it.

Katherine said...

You're in my prayers. I'll be thinking about you all week. I've felt the same way you're feeling too. It will all turn out great. I'm really excited for you. (Dr. Brody is going to LOVE that quilt.)
See you on the road!

Annelies Dease said...

Sweet Girl,
I love that you share your heart...and that it gives us a chance to pray even MORE for you. I have to say that as my DIL is close to giving birth I have had many sleepless nights worrying too. I guess my heart knows it is all a miracle, but there is still that part of me that prays all goes well for her and the baby. But GOD is always in control, so my prayer for you and for Jill is that His hand is on you as you deliver this sweet one. Hugs, XXX

Miller Racing Family said...

I love the fact that you don't want the baby to come yet as you still have stuff to do. Oh, how that totally reminds me of myself.
I really understand your concern about the epidural. I didn't have one with Trey and I keep thinking maybe I should have, but oh how I don't want the after effects. The things that go through our pregnant minds!

Kelly O. said...

Julie I'm so there with you!
I'm prego and due in July with #3...
I've only laboured once as peanut #1 decided to be breech and a c-section was planned before labour could even occur.

After my v-bac with peanut #2 I swore off of labour forever.
I actually dreaded a positive test result when we finally did get pregnant this time.

Not because I don't want this baby--I do!
I just don't want to be there when he/she tries to rip my loins getting out!
I'll pray for you.
hand it over to the Lord and he will provide.
I keep reminding myself of His sovereign grace daily.
The thought that He will give me no more than I can handle, makes it almost bearable. :)