Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What 'cha doin'

today? it's wednesday...
i must admit that today has been one of those days where i can't seem to get anything done. i feel like i'm running in circles. that's what happens when my routine gets tweaked. i got my hair cut today (i love when i get my hair cut...) and i had a meeting with the best teacher ever to discuss next week's valentine's party. speaking of valentines...
that's the only thing i did do today.
i finally got the box from last weeks post empty.
here are a few of my decorations.
(Oh...WAIT!!! Anthea, Putter...are you reading this???)
ok, so here's the neighbor, friend, reader said that she would like to see more personal posts and queenie said the same thing. so for those of you who read this to keep up with my life and my kids i'm going to try to indulge you while continuing to enrich and inspire those who come by for the crafty, quilty stuff. so with that said...i will attempt to put something personal into the crafty posts.
i said attempt...
so back the valentines decorations...

this is a small quilt that cheri saffiote taught at the quilt shop years ago.

i don't think the pattern was ever published.

ummm, this jar was full of red, pink and white candy corn but it's bob's favorite.
need i say more?
(oh, btw...the white board in the back is something that has helped my family a ton. it's a weekly calendar and it's in plain view for everyone to see. the simple things make a big difference.)

joanne fabrics always has the cutest holiday decorations and they are usually 30 - 50% off. but look beyond the decoration and you will see the personal part of this post.

do you see it? the blue painters tape in the shape of a window...

let me tell you about that...

one month ago ('s been a month) i needed to paint a big sheet of butcher paper for the bulletin board at church. it was bright yellow and i wanted butter yellow (picky, i know) anyway i mixed the paint and then asked "bob" for some help taping it onto the wall. my intention was to paint about 2 inches from the sides because i had a border that was going around it. bob, being the professional painter (really) thought that he could do it better and faster (which is typical). but...instead of going just up to the edge of the paper he decided to go over the edge which resulted in a huge, bright yellow rectangle on my living room wall!

hello, not my idea of tasteful decorating!

when confronted with the problem, he said, "i have to paint the living room anyways, i'll do it asap." the following week, my brother-in-law came over and said "are you guys putting in another door?" from there, he and sissy made a window and from there sissy wrote welcome in tape to match the front door. one month later, it's still there.

how long do you think it will be there? til we move? who knows...would any of you put up with this?

i didn't think so!!!

(p.s. bob's smiling)

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jenjen said...

Hi Julie!

Your decorations look so cute! It was fun to hear about your day!

Have a great night!


Katherine said...

all I can say is----so funny!

Jeanette said...

Thanks for the decoration pictures! So cute! Maybe you could take a better picture of the Cheri quilt when you take your decorations down. I'd love to see the whole things. It reminds me a little bit of a quilt in "My Garden Best". Funny story about the paint in your living room. I hope your DH gets it painted soon for you. :-D

Thimbleanna said...

Hahahaha! That's awesome -- I WOULD put up with that -- and now you have a pic to remember it by when it's finally gone. Fun stuff. (Oh, and sometimes, those of us who come by for crafty bits and those of us who are interested in your life are the same people ;-) ! )

Oooh, and one last thing...can we get a full-on shot of that adorable valentine quilt in the first pic???

Suzanne said...

I love it. As for your neighbor I think you give us plenty of both. I love reading your daily blogs crafty or family.