Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Block of the Month Class

went great today!
i always make a little something for my class...
today, i made the mini banana loaves. yum!

but the real treat was all mine...

neta, a friend and student in today's class, absolutely inspired me.
i was so excited to see her set-up, i knew i would have to show all of you.
AHHH! i LOVE it!

first, check out the stinkin' cute pin cushion. i came right home and ordered the pattern from here. (they sell the kit, too) and she even made covers for her spray bottles (for starch). i can't even tell you how thrilled i was to find out that i could go here for the tutorial!
if that weren't enough, check out her class set-up.
even the banana bread matched. and look at the cute green jar for her starch.
oh my gosh i was in heaven!!!
i had to take a picture of her sewing basket. i want mine to look like that!!!
even the toothpicks are in a light pink container.
that's it. she's my hero!

here's some of the different versions of the bunny hill blocks.
this one is neta's, it's perfect!

and here's nancy's. i couldn't believe that she was able to center the pattern exactly on the basket handle. very impressive.

and this one is cheryl's. love the basket, cheryl...

anita did hers in civil war fabric. i think i'm going to have to make another set in the civil war. i can give the first set to my sister. thanks for a great day everyone. LOVED it!

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Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

Yes...What a beautiful basket! Your bread looks Yummy!

Judy said...

Lovely! SO question???,,,what starch does she use for doing the pre-turn of the edges...the pink and purple Mary Ellen stuff in the spray bottle? I have those and use them when ironing, but I use regular heavy starch for my applique turning. Just wondering? Man I love that tiny green jar!!