Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Have Found a Treasure

i tell you!!!
a treasure!!!
pam garrison is a mixed media artsist from my neck of the woods.
her work is AMAZING and i just found her blog!
(Susan, sit down...)

here's just a few pieces of eye candy. you SIMPLY MUST go visit her blog!
she makes these samplers that are just random works of art
you can go here for great tutorials on different stitches.

this sewing machine cover was made from a pillowcase and she has the design pattern on her blog to download.

ummm, how cute are these!!!

they are made from coffee filters and different papers.

(if you see me buying coffee filters, now you know why!!!)

i know...i was SO excited that i just couldn't stand it! grab some hot cocoa and a warm quilt and browse through her blog!


1 comment:

jenjen said...

Oh my goodness! Those creations are amazing. Those are coffee filters? How wonderful!