Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Happy Birthday

today would have marked her 100th birthday.
sadly, she past away last year and left behind devoted family and friends that loved her dearly.
to celebrate her we all gathered at judy & bj's
for an evening of food, family and fun.

each year the same group gather's together and no one ever takes pictures.
so this year i brought my camera.
indulge me for a moment while i document the evening for future posterity's sake.

(john & dad)

(four year old joe & dad when he was a teen...what a handsome guy)

(l to r: "MR. i don't know", richard, garrett, joe, john)

(lindsey, cathy and jackie)

(raquel & shane)

(dariel & riley)

we had a good time. judy found this children's book that used to belong to my grandmother and gave it to my dad. isn't it cute.

it even has this written on the inside page. i love things like this.

and no family event would be complete without the

craziness of auntie and the kids. i love her.

they crack me up...i think they had too many of these.

happy birthday aunt irene. i hope you enjoyed your party...

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Suzanne said...

What a great post. What will I do when Chelsie is gone she just brings out the crazy in all of us. We do love all those family monents.

Katherine said...

That is so cool that you did this. I LOVE that book too. So neat that it was written in too. What a treasure.

jenjen said...

What a great tribute! Those cupcakes look super yummy!

Have a great night!