Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two Great Recipes

that are sure to please!!! the first is this one that alex made for our quilt class last night. it was fabulous (but then again, so is everything she makes). she got the recipe here.
the second, is this great banana bread recipe, that i got here.

i love this recipe for two reasons. one, because it makes, by far, the best banana bread.and two, because it yields 10 mini loaves (which i made for today's class) or 4 regular's great at christmas time or anytime you need to give a gift.

trust me, they'll LOVE it!


jenjen said...

Thanks so much for those recipes Julie. They look delicious!

Have a great weekend!


Alex said...

You rock.. You are so sweet... I told you I checked your blog daily...hee hee..
I just got back from Deanna's house..we let the girls play all day.. She also took home the sour cream coffee cake. I am glad you liked it..
Big hugs!

Betty aka Fudgie said...

What class did you teach today?
love you...

last night I was in lala land and you came to visit and none of the kids look like "our" kids...we were in some kind of storm and I kept losing everyone...It was yucky! I cried and cried