Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Bright Spot

in a gray day...

i LOVE the marie claire idees magazine even if it is in french. the pictures and ideas are inspiration heaven.

look at these lovely aprons!!! fudgie...i'll take the one on the right! he he he

if i knew how to sew (or read french) i'd make the one on the left.

and this quilt...i am definitely putting it on my to do list. how cute!!!

i hope you are all having a great day!
if you look outside you might be able to see the BIG white flag of surrender that i am waving.
it seems that so many people that i love and care for could use a hug, encouragement and a ton of prayers!
friends...(you know who you are) i love you and i'm praying for you.
just remember...the Lord will not give you more than you can handle.
don't forget to look up.

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Betty aka Fudgie said...

Your right or my right? Half or full? If I make one...do I then have to make two more? And what about Bubba? He might like one to wear making cupcakes. Then Bobby the builder will want one too...the list will just go on and on......

Katherine said...

I know you could easily make that apron----and maybe even make it cuter. You definitely have the touch. Love the quilt too.

jenjen said...

What cute pictures - that apron is so fabulous! And nice post about your friends!


Miller Racing Family said...

I loved this post. I really need to hear the ending part. I have had a really bad day at work that seemed as though nothing was going right, so it was very encouraging to hear that God would not give me anything I can't handle. Thanks for the support. Have blessed day.