Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What 'cha do on Wednesday?

today has been one of those days where nothing goes right.

i got most of this quilt top done. two problems...i put the borders on top, bottom, left, then right...( i hate having my seam at the top like that.) the second problem was that i ran out of fabric to do the outer border.

so, with that project a bust, i started to quilt a quilt and (yep, you guessed it) i ran out of thread!!! i'm off to the quilted rose in the am.

ever hopeful of having a productive day, i started piecing the blocks for friday's class. uhhh! how many times must i have to rip out my seams!!! you may be able to tell, but after struggling with the templates and then finally getting it right, i sewed it upside down!!!

2 arguing kids, diverted my attention.
after a lecture, i decided that i must take action to stop the sass that is spewing from my 5 year olds mouth.
i have decided that the shows in the above note are no longer allowed to be watched. period...

so on a happier note...

jill cut out the pieces to this block and i started putting it together.

and i also got the pieces to bunny hill's basket block number 2 turned and ready to stitch.

and on a final note...

look what bob & the little princess made while i finished up the blocks from earlier.



jenjen said...

Hi Julie -
I am sorry you had a rough day! I love that note - aren't those shows obnoxious???

I hope things go better tomorrow!


Judy said...

Oh I'd say that was a tough day...but the products are more than lovely!

Tanielle said...

What a fun blog, I will be back for are so very talented!!!

Sara F. said...

I'm right there with you on those shows--and add The Suite Life of Zach & Cody and Life with Derrick to the list.

Katherine said...

I love your notes. I need to remember to do that here. Sounds like it was a rough day. But you still get so much more done than me! You are so amazing.