Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Random Post

first, thank you everyone for your well wishes.
"I" seem to be the ONLY one who is now functional in my house.
queenie and bob are still lying around.
and btw...what is it with sick men! UGH!
(sorry... i love him but he's driving me crazy!!!)
but really, you all are nice. thanks!!!
i am bummed because just before valentines day there were sooo many great ideas. i wanted to do them all and instead i bookmarked them for next year. i did want to show you a couple that i found especially wonderful.
i love this one. it's hard for older boys to pass out valentines because they still want to be "cool" and i thought this idea from design mom was awesome.
i found this, new to me, blog sugar sugar .
she has some great paper craft ideas and tutorials!

and this is a must-do...

design mom, (i thought is was from jodi, from simply this that and the other) had this link posted the other day. it's the recipe and pdf for the boxes! how fun!!!

and last but not least. i had seen this but didn't pay much attention to it until i saw tracey's post.

wells fargo will now personalize your check cards for free!!! i LOVE it! so if your a wells fargo customer, all you have to do is download a picture to the site and voila!

do you love it? hmmm...what image do i want???

well that's all for now. take care!


Betty aka Fudgie said...

a card with my photo on it! lol
Or, a diet coke!

jenjen said...

Hi Julie!

Great ideas! I love those little boxes with the pies. I'm glad your family is starting to feel better!


Katherine said...

I hope Bob will be "functional" soon. :) You always find the cutest ideas!