Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What 'cha Do On Wednesday

i realized that my what 'cha doin' wednesday should really be, what 'cha do ON wednesday because by the time i get to post this it's already thursday for some of you...
so here's what i did on wednesday...

i made this banner (inspired by my sister's) to go on my headboard. with this stuff from michaels (with the exception of the rick rack)

i made a valentine t-shirt for the little princess that i forgot to take a picture of so i'll show it to you tomorrow.

i loaded this quilt...

i decorated these for the little princess's school party tomorrow.

i put these together to deliver to some friends tomorrow.

and i made this special valentine for the best teacher ever!

what did you do?

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jenjen said...

Wow Julie!!! You had a very productive day! I spent 12 hours working on that church boutique. I literally got nothing done. But there's always tomorrow, right?

Thanks for the inspiration! Everything is darling. I want to make one of those banners - NOW!


Katherine said...

You got a LOT done! Love the banner. It looks great on your headboard. I check your blog everyday to see what kind of beautiful things will be on it for the day. I always enjoy looking at the different things you post.
The best teacher ever will LOVE her Valentine.

Suzanne said...

you cut the lables! I might have to do that. Can I get my punches back. Ha Ha Love you and your blog

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow -- you got a lot of adorable stuff done! I worked and went to knitnight with buddies -- not nearly as exciting as your day!!!

Jeanette said...

You are so talented!!! Love all of your projects!

Margi said...

Hi Friend,
believe it or not, i was awake at 2:00am thinking... she forgot to do her what'cha doin' wed... i was so happy this morning (actually feeling a bit like a looser because you AMAZE me) to see what you actually accomplished!!! you amaze me. i tell you, i'm your biggest fan! Did you make the pink and white circles? Do you get the cupcake holders at Michaels??? where oh where do you get all the amazing idea's from!!! ok, i know where, i'm just not sure how you do it all! Thanks for inspiring me!!!

Are you going to post cheri's pattern???
Have a good day!

julia said...

Hey, that was fun, the best part was my quilt HA HA. Hope you are feeling better,I think Jill has it too I subed for her yesterday Love Ya JuliEA