Monday, February 02, 2009

I've Created a Monster...

yes, i admit's all my fault. (kinda)
today the little princess and i went to wal-mart to get valentine goodies for 3 different parties. i actually went in to get the martha stewart heart embellishments for a project that i'm doing and a box of valentine cards for the little princesses kindergarten party. i ended up with all this stuff and a dress with a matching bow that is being worn in as i write. as promised, i am not making homemade valentine cards for the kindergarten class, so off we went in search of valentines (which, obtw, is not with all the other valentine stuff, it's way back in the garden area...go figure)

anyway, the little princess first thought she was going to buy cards for each friend and i explained to her that, that is not how it works. we buy a pack and everyone gets the same kind.

with that i got this..."mom, the boys don't like girl stuff." i again, explained that girls buy girl cards and boys buy boy cards and no one minds. well apparently she does...

her exact words..."it has to be perfect"

(oh my, what have i done!!!)

this is what we ended up with...boy cards for the boys and girl cards for the girls.

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Thimbleanna said...

How funny! And just look at all those valentine goodies. I think I love them, second only to snowmen LOL!

Katherine said...

She is so cute. I hope the boys appreciate her thoughtfulness. I better get crackin on our valentines.