Saturday, July 31, 2010


we came to visit you today.
i know you knew we were there. you tried to smile, you had just enough energy to move your hands. it must be hard to not be able to speak and open your eyes to see the ones you love.
we know you love us...we love you too.

you love the children. the babies are always your favorite.
evyn hasn't had her picture taken with you, so i wanted to make sure i got a few. i wanted to see those so close to heaven in each other's presence. it was touching.

your daughters love you. inka has been taking care of you for some time now. her devotion displays her love. ineke has put work aside to care for you in your last days. it's good to have a nurse in the family and anja comes down every weekend to be with you.

and while we are able to hold your hands now, we will hold your heart forever.

we love you opa.
may peace and God's grace be with you.

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Anonymous said...

We just dont realize how much we feel when our loved ones gather around as you did, even if we cant speak or say it , we feel these things and they nurture us , our souls and Opa felt your presence there!!God bless you for it !

Needled Mom said...

What touching photos, Julie. Those visits mean everything to angels in waiting.

disneydeb said...