Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Parfait Party - Part One

today we held a parfait party in honor of masyn's seventh birthday!
we had a water balloon toss,
although 'tossing' wasn't exactly what was going on and mackenzie got a bit wet!

then they were given sidewalk chalk to draw there own ice cream cones.

hula hoops were a HUGE hit.

and so was the ice cream cone relay race. and i have to say, i didn't think the kids liked it so much until towards the end of the party all the girls asked if they could do it again and again. it was a big hit and a super easy activity!
(a little side note...make the water balloons bigger than i did to make it a bit more challenging)

after the activities, the girls sat down and enjoyed thier parfaits, root beer floats or ice cream cones {some had all three!}, a little story time {i read fancy nancy} and gifts.

i think everyone had a good time and i have to give a HUGE thank you to my helpers!!! i definetly couldn't have done it without them!!!


stay tuned for the details.

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Suz said...

so cute. Julie you out did your self again. I wish I could have been there. I look forward to what you come up with for Chelsies 21st b-day.

kouklaville said...

Of course all details are AMAZING as I KNOW The Fancy Nancy Book well, we read it every night and I thing of Masyn EVERY time!! I ALSO know you and your creativity doth overflow with ideas! Great Parfaits:)
As I told Chelsie, I knew you would be busy "tieing bows on bumble bees" on Saturday! So, August 1-4 it is a DATE as we will see eachother in my salon!!