Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Punkin'...

we love you a ton!!!

tonight we celebrated your birthday with a small get together with family. your requests were simple. you wanted burger king for dinner, a fruit pizza for dessert, root beer floats and a blue sweatsuit.

the fruit pizza was having issues with the heat. it was 96 degrees here today. ugh! even at 7pm it was hot and the poor air conditioner was getting a workout...

with your ice cream party coming up, i decided to give an idea a try on tonight's guests. i trimmed ice cream cones with vanilla frosting and rolled them in sprinkles and put them in the freezer for a couple hours.

daddy made some changes to a cupcake holder so that i could display them and it turned out cute. daddy's super handy!

add some ice cream and we had some happy guests.
i'd been wanting to make pennants and i finally got it done while you went to the beach with sissy, bub, nolan and jake. sissy surprised you and drove all night from utah to come for your birthday! thanks sissy!!! tomorrow you get to go shopping with grandma and auntie kern. lucky girl! what a great day!!! looking forward to your ice cream party on tuesday!
at 7 years old,
you love to play with dolls and your favorite thing right now are the LIV dolls ("they aren't sassy like the brat dolls")
you are a great help with nolan and evyn
you fight like crazy with bub
you love to spend time with grandma, auntie and kenz
you still want to sleep with me (you got to tonight for your birthday)
your favorite dinner is beef and broccoli
you love to shop and go 'treasure hunting' with me
you love art, crafts, and sewing. you have a VERY creative mind
you don't like pink so much and love the color aqua
dressing up makes you happy
shoes thrill you
you want a big truck when you grow up
you are sensitive and caring, spiritual and kind, sweet and thoughtful and extremely literal.
we all love you a ton, punkin! thanks for being such a great girl.
happy birthday!!!
love mommy!
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Nicole Turley said...

Tell her Happy Birthday for me : )
Love all of your decorations!!!

Aunt Suz said...

Masyn you are an amazing niece and I love you like crazy. I enjoy all the time we spend together and love to hear your storys and get ideas. Happy 7th birthday and I look forward to watching you grow older.

Laurel said...

What a delightfully warm and fuzzy post for your dd's birthday...Happy Birthday!