Monday, July 26, 2010

Her beach...

what's a kid to do when her mom is soooo mean she won't take her to the beach???
why, create an imaginary beach of course!

the glasses CRACK me up. i'm pretty sure the sass is all sissy's fault!

some quite time reading...
and then i get this boy tattling that masyn is "being rude me"

he promptly walks out, with me behind him, and tells her exactly what he thinks.

i'm not sure if he got his point across. she proceeded to ignore him and enjoy her beach.

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Suz said...

they are too stinkin cute. I will have to take her to the beach on of these weekends when the sun comes out.

Marie said...

What cuties!! I have taken a glance over what I missed on your page while I was away in Canada. Looks like you are having a super summer, chock filled with fun activities and cuteness!! Your little sweetie is a girl after my own heart. If you can't go to the beach, make it come to you! But of course!!

Darlene said...

Had to snicker, Julie! He is so dang cute! Masyn is adorable.