Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Parfait Party - Part Two

here's the details of masyn's party.
i loved this party because it was as easy as it was pretty...

most of the details were inspired by tutorials on the web.
the tissue pom poms were found here, the flag pennants are found everywhere, although i was pressed for time so i simply bought pre-made red gingham binding {found in the ribbon section at joanne's} cut 6" x 21" strips of different fabrics, ironed them in half, tucked them into the binding and pinned. i repeated that process until i had 12 pennants. then i simply cut the points using my rotary cutter.

i found the parfait glasses at walmart and poured pink lemonade into clear bottles. don't laugh, but the straws are from mc donalds...i said, don't laugh! they are the perfect color pink! the flower cups were simple and sweet. i bought stems of daisies from michaels, cut the stems, and stuck them into clear plastic cups with pink tissue paper. i almost didn't put the clear plates under the glasses, but in the end i was super glad i did...boy did those girls make a mess!

the sundae bar was fun. i was inspired by this post and found the label downloads here...
i purchased water goblets at the dollar tree for the root beer floats. i was a bit worried that they wouldn't be big enough for the floats, but given all the ice cream they were consuming, they didn't need anything larger. the ramekins were found a joanne's in packs of two. i bought the striped paper for the whipping cream at michaels and i would recommend laminating the piece before attaching it to the can.

the activities were very simple and i was a little worried that they would be too simple.
i was wrong.
the hula hoops are on sale at target, sidewalk chalk from dollar tree and water balloons are everywhere {although i bought 2 packs of 100 at the dollar tree}. the relay race was a big hit with all the girls and as i mentioned in the prior post, make the water balloons larger to make it a bit more challenging.

i hope this inspires you. i learned a number of things, as i do with every party...
the most important of which is...the simple things are often, the best things.

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Darlene said...

Belated birthday wishes to Miss Masyn. What a delightful party, Julie.

OK, my birthday is Monday would you please come do a party for me? LOL I refuse to grow up so I'm open to anything. :-)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! It looks gorgeous Julie! I get the biggest kick out of those big tissue paper flowers. We used to make those by the dozens when I was a kid!