Friday, July 30, 2010

Get the Crap Out...Party

vanessa over at v & co. is having a party to motivate us into getting ourselves and our homes "crap free"...
if you want to join, it's not too late. head on over here, to link up...

now. on to my part of the party.

it's not pretty, but it's clean and my mom could find a plastic cup now if she wanted to!!!

i forgot to take a before pic, but trust me. it was bad.
i decided to clean out my little ol' pantry and the cupboard that we use as a medicine cabinet in the kitchen for a couple reasons. first because seriously, it was a joke. you couldn't find anything and it was embarrasing when anyone opened up the pantry. {ugh!} the second reason is because, this post truly inspired me. and third, because we are moving soon and i really need to have everything cleaned out and organized before i start packing. it's kinda like picking up before the housekeeper comes. {which, btw, has only been a luxury a couple times in my life...sigh}

i finally found a way to store the dumb bags of potatoes.
and i found a place for all the plastic 'stuff' that was thrown down at the bottom for so long now.

and i can't wait to get my labels so that i can organize all these jars!

again, no before. i couldn't believe how much stuff i had to throw away because of the expiration date! be sure to check the exp. date on your sunscreens before you lather up your kiddos, only to find them red as lobsters at the end of the day!

and i saw this idea somewhere and thought it was a great way to store all the tablets that inevitably come out of their boxes...i found these containers at michaels for very little. they are photo holders.

now i realllyyy need to get a handle on my sewing room, but the thought of it, is giving me a headache! hope your having a wonderful day. enjoy your weekend and i'll see you at next week's party!

p.s. hellloooo, becky. your son's fabulous!

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Miss M! said...

Your pantry looks great!

Andi said...

The pantry turned out very nice! I'm going to steal that photo box idea if that's ok. Thanks for stopping by my blog, you are my first comment from someone who wasn't family! :-) And yes blogging is a BLAST!

Karen said...

Great job! I'd love to have a pantry looking like that! I was just thinking how our meds are taking over my kitchen shelves and how I needed to reorganize. Thanks for the inspiration!

Marie said...

When you're done all that organizing in your house could you come and do mine?? I wish!! Your pantry looks lovely and so neat and tidy!!

Natasha Burns said...

looking good!!! it feels so good organising a pantry all neat and where you can find stuff, doesn't it?!

mom said...

Very nice. Everything looks great.

Mom2fur said...

I really love the idea for storing meds! Mine fall all over the place, too. I'll be looking for those containers next time I go to Michaels.