Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween

everyone. i hope your halloween was fabulous! i'd like to share an unfortunate motto that has taken my life my storm. it reads, "if it weren't for the last minute, i'd get nothing done." halloween was a perfect example of this. i woke up thursday and realized that halloween was the next day. as i mentioned earlier, sissy had to remind me to get pumpkins. i also realized that i hadn't put my treats together for the families who were coming over to eat and go trick or treating. friday morning i set out in a frenzie getting everything together and in the last minute it all came together. here's how it turned out.
i put together these
and these for gifts. (sorry karen, i owe you...)
for the first year, sissy didn't trick or treat with us. instead she went to a church sponsored halloween party on a horn blower cruise. fun.
although sissy was gone, there were plenty of little (and big) goblins that filled our home. we all gathered early for chili and cornbread with yummy cupcakes.
once we filled our bellies, we went trick or treating.
we visited my cousin who lives down the road, and enjoyed the many neighbors who's homes were decorated and "spooky". there seemed to be a lot more trick or treaters than there have been in several years.
we even ran into this great man who was patroling our streets. thanks. we had a great time, i really love halloween and its traditions.
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Katherine said...

Those are your last minute gifts?! Those would have been my "prepared a week before" gifts(and "called Julie to get a good gift idea" gifts). They look great! What a fun night. I love your dinner choice too. I love Fall food. Glad you had a good time. So did we. Now we just have to get all of the candy out of the house.

kouklaville said...

adoreable! Everything you do is so perfectly done that I am amazed by what you can pack into YOUR last minute as MY last minute is more like 30 seconds! HELLO, I got my decorations up the day BEFORE Halloween! Dammit, next year I am starting Oct 1 just like Ashli does:)

Anonymous said...

We had lot's of fun trick or treating with you guys as well. Thanks for the wonderful traditions. We love you all very much. Suz