Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

this picture almost didn't exist. did halloween sneak up on anyone else , like it has on me? i woke up this morning and realized, crap, tomorrow is halloween. thank goodness for sissy, she called and said, "can we carve pumpkins tonight?" ummm, hello...forgot about carving pumpkins. what kind of mother am i??? thanks sissy for saving me!!! so here's the masterpieces. sissy designed her own pumpkin, bub went political on us and carved "yes on 8" and the princess (really "bob") carved monsters from a pattern. hope tomorrow is fabulous!
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Katherine said...

It snuck up on me too. It didn't even feel like Halloween until we actually went trick-or-treating. We were carving pumpkins in a hurry last night unfortunately. I hate rushing, especially during the holidays. We had a good time though. Hope you guys had a good Halloween!

Katherine said...

Love your new background.