Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Life Lesson

was learned today.

the little princess came home upset today. apparently a girl at school was talking in a mean voice to her and she became "frusterated". she began to cry saying that she got so mad she wanted to throw rocks at her. (she thought she was going to be in trouble for feeling like that...she was wrong) it was a great opportunity to teach a valuable lesson. i told her that there will be many times that people will make you so upset that you'll want to "throw rocks at them", the key is not to. it's ok to be angry and sad...even frusterated. but it's not ok to throw rocks or hit. it reminds me of the saying "every thing i know, i learned in kindergarten".


Anonymous said...

I love her - she is the sweetest!

Katherine said...

Masyn is so cute! I said hi to her today at school. So sweet!

kellibelli said...

I love that she used that word. The very first time I met Galvin he used that word, and the first time Davis used it I thought of Galvin and you. I want to meet your newest addition....give Chelsie a hug from me.