Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Weekend of Firsts

this desert trip was full of firsts. i'm not usually one for long posts, but this, too, will be a first. so much to little...well, you get the point. anyways, friday was bubs 13th birthday and as you can guess, we went to the desert for his birthday. it was our first trip with the riddles. we had a great time. i really like them (and their kids) a lot!!!

speaking of great times, bub wasn't having one...his birthday had it's own firsts. believe it or not, he not only celebrated his 13th birthday, he also celebrated his first real wipe out on a quad. yikes, having a quad role over and over on top of you, doesn't exactly make for a good time. we were all happy to see him up and movin'. i think he should stick to the dirt bike.

poor bub! but on a happier note, it was the baby's first desert trip and can i just say, i love him. he's so stinkin' cute and happy. almost always happy and always, always moving.
and if he wasn't quite so happy, we found that a little ride in the bumpety bump thrilled him and then put him to sleep. btw, it was a first for the bumpety bump too, for the first time, bob the builder didn't spend the weekend being bob the frustrated mechanic. (he was bob the happy mechanic). the baby LOVED the bumpety bump.

and what post would be complete without the little princess? she had a first too. not quite sure where the dare devil in her has been hiding, but she sure surprised us (well, she surprised me...bob said he wasn't surprised, she's "his daughter"). she's been on a quad once before, but this was definetly the first time she's really rode a quad on her own. she thought it was pretty cool to "stand up" and ride. it was the cutest thing to watch her and aaron ride. they were fantastic (those poor little thumbs!!!)

what could be better? wholesome family trips, shared with good friends. here are a few photos that tell stories we will always remember. thanks for's to firsts.

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Craig said...

The feeling is definitely mutual Julie! What a blast we had and cannot wait for the next one. Thanks for sharing your family and memories with us.

Katherine said...

Sounds like the baby is hooked on the desert too. :)
Church felt empty with both of your rows vacant. People eventually spread in to fill the void though.
Glad you had fun!!

kouklaville said...

Hey, it looks like you had fun! I am going to add you to my favorite blogs so I can keep up with the gal next door:)