Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Making a New Friend

can be difficult when she doesn't speak english. the little princess came home today and had quite a dilema. she met a girl "with shiny pretty brown hair" and was "really sweet" but she talked like "daddy does to his buddy's". i, being quite the quick one, realized the girl spoke spanish and the little princess doesn't know a lick of spanish. quite a situation i tell you. the little princess was VERY concerned about how she could find out her name and ask her to be her friend. it was really very sweet. we spent the ENTIRE evening practicing how to say "what's your name is..." in spanish. i also taught her hola and amiga. she practiced and practiced and practiced and...well, you get the point. i love that it meant that much to her and i love that her heart is so big. you can't have too many friends.


Katherine said...

She is so sweet. I love the part about "the way Daddy talks to his buddies." That little girl with the shiny pretty brown hair is so lucky to have been chosen.

kouklaville said...

you raise some the best children I have ever met. They all have wonderful hearts and great values. I am not surprised that it was YOUR daughter that went out of her way to meet a new friend and cared so much that she went the extra mile to learn her language..just like you and shawn, always going the extra mile:)