Monday, October 13, 2008

A "Minkie" Tip

i just finished making this baby quilt for a friend and i learned a valuable tip, i thought i should share. i love minkie. it's that soft, brown fabric you see in the quilt. its very popular and equally hard to work with, not to mention, a complete mess. anyway, i have a tip. when cutting your fabric, cut the minkie a 1/2 inch smaller. for example, this quilt was made from 6 1/2" squares of fabric. next time, i'll cut the minkie squares 6 inches instead of 6 1/2" like the other fabrics. likewise, if your pattern calls for 4 1/2" squares, cut the minkie squares 4 inches. i wouldn't recommend using the minkie for anything but squares or rectangles, way too stretchy! oh, btw...if your looking for a variety of minkie, click here. happy quilting.
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Katherine said...

Thanks! I've been wanting to make the minky pillowcases for the kids. I struggle with this stuff enough already---so I appreciate your tip. The quilt looks amazing. She will LOVE it.