Sunday, October 05, 2008

A conversation for girls only...

I just have to share this. (Craig, you might not want to read this...)

While doing the laundry today, we ran across a pair of sissy's undies. Here's how the conversation went.

Me: "Bring these to sissy, please."
Lil' Princess: "Those things freak me out. When i get to be sissy's age, I don't think I'm going to wear them. I think they'll give me wedgies."
Me: "Yep, your probably right."
Lil' Princess: "I think i'll just wear my kind, they feel better and they're not so skinny."

The things children say... I love it!

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Katherine said...

Masyn is so funny. I wonder if they'll still "freak" her out when she's a teenager.