Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Star of the Week

the little princess is the star of the week in kindergarten this week. i was asked to come to her class and talk a little bit about her and about my "job". i'll admit i was a bit intimidated after hearing that last weeks mom is a scientist and she brought in pictures of a mouse that glows in the dark. (hmmm, i wonder why it glows in the dark...that's another conversation saved for a later date) anyhoo, the little princess wanted me to talk about my quilting and to "make sure i brought my sewing basket" (cute). i did as asked and added a special surprise for the class. i'm going to have them each draw a picture on fabric to make a special aurprise for the best teacher EVER. soooo, the reason for the post is not to tell you about my job, it's so i remember the sweetest conversation that took place as we left our wonderful kindergarten class. here goes... "mommy, that you for being a great mommy helper and talking about quilting. you make me proud." ... ok, how stinkin' cute was that. what a great moment! i LOVE her!

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Katherine said...

That is the sweetest conversation. That quilt is going to be amazing. She's going to DIE when she sees it. What a treasure for her. She's certainly deserving of it.