Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Love Quilting, Party Planning and Halloween

and it's best when they are all rolled into one. the past couple of weeks have been one party after another and tonight i wanted to do something fun for a halloween class i was teaching at our local quilt shop. the ladies thought i should post some pictures so, you too, could host your own halloween class. You can find the pattern at fat quarters quilt shop. i think there's one left!

i decided it would be fun to bring dinner and dessert. so...for dinner i made a chicken pot pie and served it on really cute plates from target. the pot pie recipe is always a hit and is super easy. if you want the recipe, let me know and i'll send it to you.

for dessert i baked cupcakes, using a spice cake recipe and topped it with a cream cheese frosting and orange & black sprinkles. then i attached the marshmellow ghost using a toothpick. they turned out super cute and the spice cake seemed like fall. no meal is complete without something to wash it all down with, so i served chilled orange-cream soda (caffeine free, of course).

i couldn't have asked for a better evening or better company. thanks jeni, cheryl, sandy, and lise, i really enjoyed spending my saturday evening with you all!!!


Katherine said...

I love it! You just have the the perfect touch with everything. :) I'm really wanting an orange cream soda right now.

Anonymous said...

can I have the recipe? Thanks love your sister