Monday, November 24, 2008

Ocotillo Wells

is a great place to be on an "off weekend". i saw a truck with this sticker on it and i need to get one. cute huh! i decided to list my top 10 favorite things about our desert trip. except for #1, they are not in any particular order.
hope your weeked was great.

1. a relaxing ride in the golf cart with my two sons.
2. PERFECT weather, NO wind!
3. bub coming up with the solution to bob's problem :)
4. relaxing in my chair watching the 3 amigos perfect their jumping skills with a sleeping baby on my chest.
5. j-o-e (i find him enjoyable and hysterical)
6. kayley's gratitude and enthusiasm
7. accident free (almost...)
8. watching the baby play in dirt and pick up small rocks with his tiny fingers
9. laughter (ours and theirs)
10. "torrance" chasing the peanut butter ball

bob didn't make my top ten this time. he got into too much trouble. he siad, he'll try to do better next time. however, he does believe that because of him, my top ten are possible...of course he does.

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cdawg said...

i hate missing desert trips :[ stupid work!