Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My New Favorite Thing

are these DELICIOUS mini churros from jack in the box. craig shared this fabulous find a while ago, but bummer for me because they were (at that time) only in orange county. he and bob the builder weren't very nice because they would (on several occasions) treat themselves while up north and share with me how great they were. bob NEVER once brought them home to his loving wife. now i know why...he's afraid i'll gain weight. i just might! they are FABULOUS!!! go treat yourself.


kouklaville said...

you are HILARIOUS!! all I can say is that someone that takes a picture of churros must of found the BEST churros this side of mexico!! JUST for you I will indeed try such a treat..I will report back, and maybe there will be a picture on MY blog as well:)

Katherine said...

Those look amazing!! This is the one time that I wish you didn't share one of your great ideas. :)