Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mackenzie's 13th Birthday

gave my sister and i an opportunity to do what we like best. plan a party! i have to say, i really love working with her. we think alike and work really well together. one day i would LOVE to own a business with her. we would have a blast and it would be stinkin' cute! suz decided to go with a pink & yellow candy theme. loved it!

she made centerpieces with wide mouth mason jars filled with lemon heads and a pink candle. i sprinkled pink candy shavings inside for added color. she made the candy poppers for favors. everything looked super cute layed out on the pink and white polka dot runners!

my favorite part was the sweets. she filled different apothecary jars with candy.

they served double duty as an eye-catching display and take home treat.

speaking of serving double duty, a friend of hers brought this cute, tasty treat. it's a lemon cheesecake dip served with vanilla wafers and it was delicious.

instead of the traditional birthday cake, we went with large cupcakes topped with candy shavings and a lemonhead.

of course a party wouldn't be complete unless you added friends

and a hade made gift.

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Anonymous said...

boy do you plan good partys or what. I loved the theme and can not wait to do it again. How about your birthday? Thanks again for the inspriation and of course al the help and special touches you always have. Loved working with you. Suz

kouklaville said...

ok ADOREABLE!! But I am dieing to know what the home made gift was!! anything from your hands had to be a beautiful work of art:)

Katherine said...

That is the cutest---and most beautiful party! You are so amazingly talented. So happy to have you as my friend. :)