Saturday, November 08, 2008

Now he's scrapbooking???

what the heck is bob the builder up to now, you ask?

the little princess was having a "girls day" with sissy and "macole". it was a perfect time to get some scrapbooking done.

the little princess wanted to make a fairy out of her ballet photos, so...bob to the rescue. he got his trusty razor blade and his glasses and

as one would expect...made a beautiful little fairy. when i pulled out my camera to catch it all, he said, "i hate your damn blog." but, don't worry the smile on his face, led me to believe he really doesn't. i think deep down, really deep down he likes it.
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Craig said...

Oh! I love the blogs! Even more now. The smack texting will begin now. hehe

Katherine said...

I always knew he had it in him. You can just tell by looking at him.:) First quilting, now scrapbooking.... maybe he'll start helping the girls with their makeup next.

chelsie said...

oh katherine...he did my nails for prom :] haha i love my dad!