Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Thankful Welcome, Part 1

if you're like me, i have tons of halloween and christmas decorations, but that time in between leaves my home feeling a bit empty and searching for inspiration. i thought i'd share with you some outdoor decorations that inspire me, courtesy of my cousin jeni. my absolute favorite is the scarecrow who, every year, welcomes my most favorite time of year. my kids and i love driving by and seeing it. one year i'm going to make one of those guys.
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Katherine said...

My kids always comment on the scarecrow too---even before we knew Jenny was your cousin. They love it!

kellibelli said...

I have almost zero halloween decorations and enough christmas ones for five families combined, and I have just started to get some fall ones...I am going to have to be careful because I think there are so many cute things for fall. I LOVE your house always, but especially at is so cozy!