Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy {congratulations}

today was a {BIG} day for two of my most FAVORITE people in the whole wide world!
first it is mom's birthday!
i LOVE you mom and i am so very blessed to be your daughter. you make our hearts {SUPER} happy and as masyn said today, you are one of the fanciest grandma's we have ever known! we love you so very, very much. thanks for being the best mom, grandma and friend! love you!


today was also a {gigantic} day for a certain sixteen year old! he got his {DRIVERS LICENSE}!!! so fair warning, if you live nearby, look out he's out there! ;) he has been heard singing the song "freedddommm" today on several occasions and has repeated multiple times how {awesome} it is to finally have his license, because, as he shared with me earlier, he's been waiting for this day since he was {five}!!!

i love you both so very much. you are both awesome!

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mom/grandma said...

I love you too!
Thank you for the beautiful post. Also for not posting the picture of me in the desert ! Love the part where Gavin has wanted to drive since he was 5, no doubt!
Congrats to you, Grandson

Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday to your dear mom and congratulations to the new driver.

Busy As Can Be said...

What a great post! so nice to read such happy thoughts!