Saturday, October 01, 2011

She's Her Daddy's Daughter

masyn just cracks me up!
she decided to {camp} with nolan this morning.

she {built} a fire. they {roasted} marshmellows with forks

and in complete {shawn} fashion she made a tent
{with my {WHITE CHENILLE} blanket. but we won't go there...}

she needed something to {tie down} one edge of the tent,so she made a pole by piling up
5 gallon buckets and somehow attaching the rake and tieing the blanket {i mean tent} to the end of the rake.

she's such her daddy's girl!

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Marie said...

Cute! She will make a great Girl Scout! xxoo

mom said...

So reminds me of the time your Uncle Andy and I made a fort out of the neighbors sheets. It was a terrific fort but boy did we get in trouble from your Grandmother.