Saturday, October 01, 2011

LOVE this!!!

i LOVE these boys!
how many teenage boys would let a 3 year old hang out with them.

i hope a lot because this {three} year old was in heaven {JUMPING} with the big boys!

i couldn't get a picture from the house, but the boys built a small dirt {jump}
for nolan and were teaching him to jump his bike.

it made my heart swell to hear them all cheer as he {rolled} over it with all the energy his little legs could muster!

there's something to be said about having large families where teens and babies bond and each learn from one another.
so grateful!

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Marie said...

There was 14 years between my eldest son and my youngest son, with another one sandwiched in between. The fact that they all got along together and are best mates today speaks volumes. I loved that my teens were able to experience the joys of having younger siblings. Oh your boys do look like they are having a ball! xxoo

DaNae said...

Landon will be right over ;)

chelsie said...

problem. where is bubs helmet.