Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Chelsie's Summer

many of you have asked about my darling daughterso i thought i'd give you my version of her summer.

she and her roomie, jen went to the bahamas and had a great time {minus the stomache flu}

they danced and played and were sad when they had to go home...

she and her cousin, keoni, went to the rascal flatts/sara evans concert for her birthday.

we LOVE sara evans!

she also went to a def leppard concert. i cracked up because she text me during and said "i wish i was born in the 80's!" she was 1989! i guess that's not 80's enough...darn

she has gone to many games and she's excited that hockey is starting again. she's a BIG fan!

and lets not forget getting all dolled up to go dancing!

and the best part was coming home and hanging out by the pool.

oh. wait. that was wilson's favorite part!

happy summer memories!

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mom said...

Great Post! We miss her!