Wednesday, October 19, 2011


my new favorite thing...

i'm soooo bad about adding labels to the backs of my quilts.
i always forget.
this time wasn't any different. made back, quilted quilt, forgot label!
but wait! the binding! i can add it into my binding.
quilt with label=fantastic!

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jonhebert said...

That is a very nice touch and professional too!!! It is not only the month for Halloween, but breast cancer awareness month!!! Treat yourself or a loved one because you care! I am just stopping by with a reminder to do your self breast exam.
Here's a fun place to start! Everybody loves boob lube!

Gari said...

I, too, have trouble getting the label on my quilts so I also try to have the label ready prior to putting the binding on. Thanks for the reminder since I am in the process of binding my latest quilted quilt. Almost, opps.

galeria yolanda rojas said...

Hello!! can i know where you made this labels? thanks
i would like to buy my personal labels. And these are very beautiful
thank you so much