Sunday, November 06, 2011

Turning {sixteen}

gavin's {sixteenth} birthday was a four day event!
the celebration (as always) begins in the desert. this year was especially special because we were also remembering my grandfather who passed a year ago. Because of this my mom's family was also in the desert camping for the weekend and i can't remember a time that we were all out there at the same time.
on saturday they all braved the dust and the {HEAT} and visited our camp.
mom, auntie's family, gary & tina, grandma, andy, chris, sam, kyle & kennison.
nolan showed off his mad riding skills as gavin and grandma watched and cheered.
i LOVE the hand signs nolan made as he rode with out crashing into the bushes!
saturday afternoon we celebrated grandpa and later in the evening the gang came back for fireworks, brownies with delicious german chocolate cake frosting and laughs.
and can i just say that baking in the trailer in 102 degree heat was not so fun and fully showed my love and dedication for the birthday boy ;)
the fabulous marin family joined our {riddle-isa} clan and we were so glad they did.
gavin took a liking to there daughter rylan. it was so cute and rare. bub loves the kids up until age 3 and then that's it. but rylan stole his heart.
the desert trip was hot and short and monday {the birthday day} came quick.
several of us, including shawn's parents, sister's family, auntie kern, and auntie suz's family celebrated at our favorite restaurant la paloma. i don't think gavin enjoyed himself as much as he should have. he was sooooo stressed out about the drivers test the next morning. he made himself sick.
and tuesday morning came faster that fast and before you knew it i was the mother of a sixteen year old boy.
i couldn't have been happier for him

i'm so glad he passed the test, it would have been a HORRIBLE time for all of us.
congratulations gavin and LOOK OUT people...gavin is on the roads!

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Happy Birthday Gavin. Glad you had a great time