Sunday, November 06, 2011

Trick or Treat!!!

halloween was ok.
change is always hard and i tried to make this halloween the same as the last 15.
we had our traditional chili and cornbread prior to the trick or treating. shawn's parents joined us and auntie kernie stopped by and brought the most delicious candy apples.
we drove to jeni's house to join them and their gang.
there were fairies, pirates, dinosaurs and one cute little ragamuffin that was thrilled just to be pulled around and eat candy!
auntie, kenzie, brandon & debbie all joined us.

we went trick or treating in our old neighborhood and as usual, gavin was the wagon puller
we had our usual picture taken in front of our old house.
visiting there put masyn into tears.
but it was good to see ashley and her scary halloween house!

we ended up back at jeni's beautiful home and drove home.

happy halloween from our gang to yours!

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Marie said...

What a lovely bunch of Halloween trick or treaters you have there Julie! I enjoyed all your pics! xxoo

mom said...

So cute and what sad that I missed it.